Dental Sedation

For many patients, going to the dentist can be an extremely anxiety-inducing event. At its worse, it can stop people seeking the treatment they need to keep their mouths healthy, prevent oral disease or even get out of pain. Some people can’t take advantage of cosmetic dentistry to improve or rejuvenate their smile.

At Foley Park Dental & Implant Centre, we take pride in being able to help nervous patients seek the treatment they need, from simply taking the time to understand through to the provision of sedation techniques to calm and relax you.

You will not be belittled, rushed or have your fears or anxieties ignored. In fact, we take this so seriously that all new patients are asked to fill out a simple questionnaire to allow us to start making an understanding of the level of your anxieties and how best we can help manage or even alleviate them.

What Is Sedation?

Dental sedation is a form of treatment that allows you to attend the dental surgery, have treatment.
The most common form of sedation used for adults, is what we call I.V. sedation. I.V. sedation involves the administration of calming drugs directly into your vein (usually in the back of your hand), which not only relaxes you, but can calm you down to the point where having dental treatment that would normally cause a severe anxiety, would be welcomed by you.

Am I Awake?

You are fully awake. The aim of dental sedation is not to put you to sleep, but to relax you to the point so that the appointment is a lot more manageable for you. However, most people actually forget the appointment, which makes it feel like they were put to sleep!

I’m Scared Of All Needles, I Don’t Think I Can Even Have One In My Hand

We completely understand. In this instance, the dentist may choose to use some pre-sedation treatment, to calm you down enough to receive the drugs into your vein.

“Brill dentist. Can’t ask for a nicer person and the rest of them. I have a big fear for the dentist before but feel a lot better here and calm. Great place.”

“I was very nervous of dental treatment. The team are very understanding. If it wasn’t for the sedation, I don’t think i could have had my treatment done!”

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