Discounts on treatment available

Fees correct as of January 2019

New Patient, Complete Examination £49.00
Hygienist Consultation and scale and polish
(you don’t need to see the dentist!)
Recall examination £33.00
Emergency Consultation £35.00
Hygienist visit from £39.00
Advanced gum treatment from £130.00
Amalgam (metal) fillings from £55.00
Tooth coloured filling from £65.00
Tooth extractions from £75.00
Root canal treatment from £285.00
Gold Crowns from £410.00
Tooth-coloured crowns from £410.00
Veneers from £490.00
Dentures from £245.00
Dental bridges from £410.00
Implants from £2400.00
Braces from £1900.00
Tooth Whitening from £249.00
Anti-wrinkle treatment from £150.00

This list should be taken as a guide only. Treatment needs are individual and final fees should be discussed with the dentist.

You will be provided with an estimate and detailed treatment plan prior to commencing treatment.

If you have any queries, please raise these with your dentist.

Discounts on treatment available

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