Preventative Dentistry

Looking After Your Teeth

Prevention Is Much Better Than Cure

Give your child a good start in their dental life and you will contribute directly to their better health overall. Not only that, by continuing to follow the good habits instilled in them from an early age, these fortunate children will probably spend much less on their teeth as they grow older, compared with children who did not look after their teeth as well.

We Care About Kids

In general, the state of children’s teeth in Kidderminster is very good and that has a lot to do with good parenting, so take a bow. At Foley Park a high percentage of our patients are children. We are expert at working with children and take pride in our abilities to make those visiting us feel welcome and happy.

When Should Children Start Coming To The Dentist?

Children should see us from the time their first tooth arrives.

If your child has older siblings, they can come at the same time. Regular check-ups from then on allow us to monitor not only general oral health but also tooth development and milestones and signs of any need for orthodontic treatment.

Early Visits Prevent Fear

The first priority with a child’s initial dental visits is to ensure that seeing the dentist is a positive experience and there is nothing to fear. If your child is already fearful, we have the patience and expertise to calm them.

Hygiene & Diet

From the very first visit, you will get expert advice on the best ways to clean your children’s teeth, and dietary advice that will help keep their teeth in perfect condition. We also strongly recommend that visiting a hygienist becomes a regular part of your life.

Brushing & Flossing

We can’t emphasise enough how important effective brushing and flossing is to your oral health. We can teach you the best way to brush your and your children’s teeth, as well as the best and easiest flossing techniques.

Just Ask Us

We have a lot of hygiene and dietary advice for you and your children, plus tips on brushing and flossing, and are happy to answer your questions. So feel free to talk to our friendly staff at any time. We are here for you.