CBCT Scanner

High Quality Digital Scanning

At Foley Park Dental we like to stay at the forefront in dentistry, using the latest techniques and technology to deliver the very best in dental care to our patients.

What Is A CBCT Scanner

Its a type of digital scan that produces high-quality 3D images, and is a vital tool when planning for dental implants treatment. When we take a scan, we will be able to see:

  • Soft tissues
  • Dental structures
  • Nerve paths
  • Bone structure

Why Would You Need A CBCT Scan?

When undertaking more complex treatments, we may require further information so we can ensure your treatment plan is the best for your needs. In modern day dentistry we are lucky to have such technology that enables us to drastically improve our success rates and deliver more predictable results.

How Is The CBCT Scan Taken?

The scan is a very simple procedure. The CBCT scanner is a fixed machine where you will take a seat. The scanner will then slowly start to rotate around your head, taking the images and information we need to plan our case. Prior to the scan we will need you to remove any metal, such as jewellery, as these can impact the quality of your images and may require a subsequent scan.

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