Composite Bonding

Completing Your Smile

If you have slight imperfections on your teeth that your not quite happy with, then composite bonding may be the ideal treatment for you.

What Is Composite Bonding?

Using a composite material (the same used in fillings) we bond it to the surfaces of your teeth to improve the looks of them.

LY wanted to improve her smile. She wanted a more uniform and enhanced smile. Braces were used to align the teeth. Then whitened and finished with cosmetic bonding.

Why Would I Need Composite Bonding?

This is a cosmetic type of treatment that helps you improve the looks of your teeth. Some of the common complaints we can treat is:

  • Chips in teeth
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Stained fillings/teeth
  • Smoothing the edges of your teeth (embrasures)

Dentures before and after

MD had always wanted to improve her smile. She hated the slanted appearance to her teeth and the big gaps. Teeth straightening, whitening, cosmetic bonding, new crown and replacement of the missing teeth resulted in a more harmonious smile.

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