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Modern Teeth Straightening

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SmileTRU is a modern way to straighten and correct your teeth discretely. Having a new smile that your proud of can give you the self-confidence to improve other areas of your life. Start your SmileTRU journey!

What Is SmileTRU?

SmileTRU is made up of a series of clear positioners that are almost invisible, can be easily removed, and are 100% made for your teeth. Every couple of weeks you will progress to the next positioner in the series and you will notice your teeth will be gradually straightened over the course of your treatment.

With modern teeth straightening systems like SmileTRU, it no longer needs to be a hassle to correct teeth. SmileTRU has been developed with the patients experience in mind, so they can easily fit into your lifestyle today. Find out how we can help you today.

How Does SmileTRU Work?

As mentioned, SmileTRU consists of a series of clear positioners to straighten your teeth. Each positioner will be slightly different to the last. Your whole treatment will be planned out before you have even started on the first positioner!

That’s it in a nutshell. Teeth straightening doesn’t have to be complex or difficult. Often the simplest of things, give the greatest results.

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