Invisalign In Kidderminster

Discreet Teeth Straightening

Invisalign is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world. A pioneer in adult orthodontics, invisalign is a constantly developing technology to ensure the absolute best treatment outcomes.

State of the art technology allows a bespoke service to be provided to the absolute highest of standards.

Braces Before And After 3

GM wanted to improve the appearance of his smile. He was conscious of ensuring he got a great aesthetic result without compromising the health of his teeth. Simple alignment with Invisalign with whitening and cosmetic bonding gave a great natural result

Why Would I Want Invisalign?

If your teeth are not straight, then Invisalign may be an ideal treatment for you. One of the common reasons why we see patients wanting Invisalign is because they utilise clear removable aligners so they can straighten their teeth discretely.

This is the perfect solution for adults who are bit worried about have a type of brace in adult hood.

(Please note: it is very common for adults to have braces now so there is no need to be embarrassed)
Invisalign Before And After 5

PH did not like the crooked appearance of her teeth. She wanted a better aligned smile. Invisalign clear aligners allowed her to straighten her teeth without interfering with her life, giving this amazing result.

How Does Invisalign Work?

With the latest technology we can take a digital scan of your teeth which will run a simulation of the end result. So you will be able to see what your teeth will look like before you have even begun treatment!

Invisalign consists of a series clear aligners that gradually reposition your teeth over a period of time. You wear each aligner for a roughly two week period before moving onto the next one. Each aligner is slightly different and as a result will continually gradually move your teeth to the end desired result.

Is Invisalign Painful?

Invisalign is not a painful treatment. Initially you will be more aware of the aligners when you start to wear them and there may be some slight discomfort, but your mouths will acclimatize to them. The beauty is you can take them out as opposed to fixed braces if you feel like you need a little break. It is recommended you wear them for the majority of the day and only take them out for eating and drinking, any delayed periods can increase the overall treatment time.

Invisalign Consultation

To find out if this is a suitable treatment for you please do not hesitate to call us and start your journey to straighter teeth.