Braces In Kidderminster

Modern Teeth Straightening

If you have crooked teeth and want them straightened, the news has never been better. In recent years huge advances have made orthodontics much quicker, more comfortable and more discreet – some systems are almost invisible. This is especially good news for adult patients, with thousands joining the orthodontic revolution and reaping the oral health benefits of straight teeth and greater self-confidence.

Braces Before And After 3

GM wanted to improve the appearance of his smile. He was conscious of ensuring he got a great aesthetic result without compromising the health of his teeth. Simple alignment with Invisalign with whitening and cosmetic bonding gave a great natural result

Latest Teeth Straightening Treatments

Foley Park Dental & Implant Centre in Kidderminster is right up to date with the latest orthodontic systems and techniques, so whether you need just a minor correction to your front teeth, or something more complicated, we have the right treatment for you.

Braces Before And After 4

LY wanted to improve her smile. She wanted a more uniform and enhanced smile. Braces were used to align the teeth. Then whitened and finished with cosmetic bonding.

Why Would I Need Braces?

Common orthodontic problems include crowding, misaligned bites and unwanted spaces. Sadly, many people with previous orthodontic treatment also suffer “relapses” when their teeth return to their former positions because they haven’t used their retainer.

Until quite recently everyone had to put up with ugly “train tracks”, sometimes for years, to correct orthodontic problems. That was a big compromise to make, and many patients were put off. Thankfully all that has changed. We at Foley Park have researched and tested many orthodontic systems, and these are the ones we have found to be the best:

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This patient came in unhappy with the protruding upper-right lateral tooth. After 4 months the teeth were aligned to the patient’s satisfaction.

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If your not happy with the straightness of your teeth, take the first step today. Call us to book your teeth straightening appointment.

Braces Before And After 2

This patient was unhappy with her overlapping front teeth. After 4 months with fixed braces, the front teeth were well aligned.