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Dental Implants Abroad


More and more people are considering dental implants to replace missing teeth and uncomfortable dentures, and why not? Implants are a fantastic treatment and if you have already read our last post, you will be aware of the many benefits to having them. Understandably cost is a concern and implants can be expensive depending on [...]

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Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Dental Implants


DENTAL IMPLANTS, THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LEADING TREATMENT FOR REPLACING MISSING TEETH In this post we are going to attempt to answer many of the questions that we are frequently asked, we are going to address some of the misconceptions surrounding this treatment and answer some questions such as; why are implants so expensive? Why [...]

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New Year New Dentist


“I’m terrified of the dentist” This is the number one thing we hear from new patients who come to us, bad experiences, anxiety and negative thinking all contribute to people putting off registering and attending routine dental examinations, So we wanted to break down that first appointment for you, because knowledge is power and understanding [...]

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Spring Newsletter


Welcome to the all new FPDIC Newsletter, where you will find news about the practice and advice on oral health. You can download the full newsletter here.

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Children Teeth Decay


Developing your child’s understanding of the importance of looking after their teeth is imperative for the future health of their mouth. Establishing a good relationship with the dentist in the early years, enforcing good eating habits and cleaning routines can all contribute to ensuring your child has a happy, healthy, smile filled future. We [...]

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Dental Implant Case


We are delighted to welcome Dr. William Yu to Foley Park Dental Practice. Will brings skill and expertise to allow us to provide routine dental implant treatment, helping our patients have missing or unrestorable teeth replaced in the most natural way. Here is one of Will's cases. This 58 year old gentleman saw Will, complaining [...]

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Root Canal Treatment


Recently, we have started to perform a lot more root canal treatments at our practice. So I thought this would be a good topic for our blog. When people hear the term “root canal” feelings of pain and fear tend to shudder down your spine almost instantly. But it really doesn't have to be that [...]

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Smokers Causes More Than The Characteristics Smokers Breathe


Patients of our practice are probably familiar with our medical history form, which asks if you smoke and how many a day. You've probably also been asked about your smoking habits by our hygienist, encouraging you to quit. We know quitting smoking isn’t easy, but here’s a couple reasons why you should make the effort. [...]

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Introducing Children To Dentistry Slowly


We understand how scary a visit to the dentist for a young patient can be. When the child's parents are just as anxious, it can be an unpleasant experience.Our aim is to introduce children to dentistry slowly, building up their confidence from a young age, so that they have positive experiences at the visit to [...]

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All About Dentures


Dentures have been the oldest form of tooth replacement. They are usually made of hard acrylic, but can sometimes be strengthened with metal. Complete dentures is the term used to describe upper and/or lower dentures that replace all your teeth in that jaw. Upper dentures usually stay in with suction on to the roof of [...]

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