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Invisalign is a state of the art way to straighten teeth without braces. Using clear aligners, teeth are moved comfortably and efficiently to give you a straighter smile.


Who can have Invisalign?

Anyone can have their teeth straightened, at any age. Gone are the days when teeth straightening was for teenagers! But if you are conscious of the metal brackets and wires, Invisalign gives you a discreet, aesthetic alternative.
Invisalign Before And After 5

Do I need to have teeth out for Invisalign?

With severely crowded teeth, tooth extraction may be inevitable. However, with the Invisalign planning software we can assess and plan, before doing anything to your mouth, any all alternatives such as proclining teeth or arch expansion.

Do I need retainers?

In short, yes. Teeth will otherwise relapse back to their original positions. We use high quality retainers to keep your teeth nice and straight.

Do I need impressions?

At Foley Park Dental and Implant Centre we have invested in the iTero Elements 2 intra-oral scanner. This is a digital scanner of your teeth which records a 3D model of your teeth.

This is the most accurate way to take a model of your teeth, ensuring greater accuracy and the best result from your Invisalign.

We take a final scan at the end for your retainers. Therefore if you lose or break your retainers, we have a scan from the end result, to ensure your teeth stay as perfectly straight as they were at the end of treatment.

As a bonus, you get to avoid the messy impressions!

Does it damage your teeth?

Just like any medical or dental procedure there are certain risks, such as root resorption of the teeth. Which is why we full and comprehensive examintion of your mouth before having any treatment to ensure the health of your mouth and ensure that Invisalign is the right treatment for you?

How much does it cost?

Invisalign for top and bottom teeth is approximately £3400 – £4500, depending on complexity.

We offer finance so you can spread the cost over 1-5 years!

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