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Let’s face it folks, private dental treatment can be costly or at least that is what we all believe. We are constantly bombarded with images of the perfect Hollywood smile consisting of pearly straight white teeth that seem to cost a fortune to obtain and seem are so far out of our reach. For others, it’s less about having the “perfect smile” and more to do with having many missing, broken or lost teeth. The truth is however, dental treatment doesn’t have to involve re-mortgaging your house. There really is a treatment plan for everybody. Depending on your situation and what your goals are, we will aim to provide you with a plan of action that takes your budget into consideration.

What this means is, for instance; if a patient attends with multiple missing teeth, (after the dentist has had a good look at the health of the teeth and gums) he/she will then provide various options that they feel will closely meet the patient’s desired goals. In this example of missing teeth, options could be a denture which starts from around £400, bridges which start around £900 or implants which start from around £2500 for a single tooth. So you can clearly see the difference in cost depending on what best suits our patient’s budget.

But lets specifically talk about implants.

As mentioned, a single implant tooth will cost approximately £2500 for everything, including the implant, post and crown as well as any associated treatments such as minimal bone grafting.

However, if you have multiple missing teeth, that DOESN’T necessarily mean you need an implant for every missing tooth.

We see a lot of patients who don’t like having dentures (missing 12-14 teeth). We can replace their teeth, with a fixed implant-retained bridge from as little as £11,000. So not £35000 (14×2500).

We pride ourselves on using high-quality products, backed by long-term research and reputable companies who we can rely on to provide great products and support. We don’t, and don’t feel that we can, use cheaper alternatives. In the case of dental implants being inserted into your jaw, a screw is not a screw.

Studies have shown how the cleanliness of an implant varies between manufacturers ( and as such we could not use a system that doesn’t conform with the highest of standards we would expect from something that is designed to be permanently implanted into the human body.

We understand that costs are still a concern and we therefore offer the fantastic option of finance for patients who would like to break down the cost into a monthly amount. This can be carried out over a period that best suits you. From 12 months 0% APR to 5 years at 9.9% APR, again there is an option for everybody. Using the example of the missing top teeth above, this could cost as little as £231 per month over a 5 year term.

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