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“I’m terrified of the dentist” This is the number one thing we hear from new patients who come to us, bad experiences, anxiety and negative thinking all contribute to people putting off registering and attending routine dental examinations,
So we wanted to break down that first appointment for you, because knowledge is power and understanding the process may ease some of those nerves…….

Medical History

The first thing that our team will ask you is how your health is. It is very important that we gather as much information as possible in regards to your health so we will give you a questionnaire to fill out once you have signed in with one of our friendly receptionists. After you have filled out that questionnaire we will then give you two other forms to fill out, one will ask you questions about how you feel about coming to the dentist and the other will ask you how you feel about your teeth and smile.
Meet the dentist and nurse

The next step is to introduce you to the dentist and their nurse. After completing the forms in the reception area, you will be shown into our lovely waiting room complete with magazines and a television to keep you entertained whilst you wait. You will then be greeted and taken to one of our clinical rooms where you will meet your dentist and nurse. You’ll have the opportunity to chat to them about any concerns you may have and what you are hoping to achieve.


After chatting to your dentist they will then lay the chair back (if of course you are comfortable with this) and carry out their examination.
This examination includes checking the following areas; lymph nodes, soft tissues in and around the mouth, gum health and the heath of your teeth.
It is a misconception that routine examinations are purely to check up on the heath of your teeth, there are so many other areas of your mouth to consider.
Exams are painless and are really an opportunity for you to put your mind at ease whilst the dentist gathers important information about your health.


Now that the examination is complete, your dentist will give you the results and findings, although hard to believe, this can often be a reassuring moment for patients.
If any treatment is required the dentist will thoroughly discuss options with you and quite often, you get a say on how and what treatment you have done.

All of our team members are fantastic at supporting nervous patients and that includes our dentists too!
So what is stopping you?

Call up to arrange your New Patient Examination today and take your first step towards a new you this year.

All the best,
The Foley Park Team

New Year New Dentist
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