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We are delighted to welcome Dr. William Yu to Foley Park Dental Practice.

Will brings skill and expertise to allow us to provide routine dental implant treatment, helping our patients have missing or unrestorable teeth replaced in the most natural way.

Here is one of Will’s cases.

This 58 year old gentleman saw Will, complaining of how unhappy he was with his missing front tooth. He currently had this replaced with a denture, which he found uncomfortable and embarrassing. Especially, as it kept breaking.

After a comprehensive examination, and direct measurement of the bone, a treatment plan was formulated which would involve placement of a bone graft, as well as placement of the implant.

An implant, made by ‘Sweden and Martina’, along with the bone graft, was placed and left to mature for 3 months. Once the implant had fused to the bone, a crown was connected to the implant.

This picture was taken immediately after placement of the new crown. The patient was thrilled, and the gum will continue to settle around the new crown over the coming months.

If you would like to talk about replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, contact the surgery on 01562 822653, to arrange your free consultation.

Dental Implants Case
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